La Crotta di Vegneron’s Aosta Valley wines embody all the characteristics of the vines they come from, be they autochthonous or international. Passion, together with the quality of a production process which is respectful of the mountain environmento give rise to 18 types of wine sorted into the following categories: varietal wines, terroir wines, selections, passito wines and sparkling wined branded Quatremillemètres Vins d’altitude. These wines are typical of the Aosta Valley and have been made to please every palate on any occasion. They range from red wines for daily consumption to dessert wines, including the great Red wines which are a must in any wine cellar. Elegant aromas, wine-making techniques which highlight elegant and fruity taste, wines with the characteristics of the terroir, strong wines, wines with different, pleasant scents, wines with surprising structure and complexity and finally comes the magic of our two passito wines, Nus Malvoisie Flétri Nonus and Chambave Moscato Passito Prieuré, nectars with a rich and ancient history. In recent years we have expanded our range with sparkling wines: VS Refrain® made with the Martinotti method, 4478 Nobleffervescence made with the Classic method and Rougeffervescence made with the Ancestral method. The range of products of La Crotta di Vegneron really is very vast. The wines of the Cooperative result from a passion which is centuries long and which is now strengthened by innovation, albeit in the wake of tradition. They represent the strength the spirit and the taste of our mountain territory.
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