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Our story

The Cooperative La Crotta di Vegneron was founded in 1980 and had about 25 members. Today, with more than 50 members, the cooperative now produces 200,000 bottles.

The Cooperative collects the grapes from two important production areas that give their name to the Designations of Origin Chambave (which also includes the municipalities of Châtillon, Pontey, Saint Vincent, Saint Denis and Verrayes) and Nus (which also includes the municipalities of Quart and Fénis).

Our story is essentially based on people with solid roots in this glorious Alpine region, generations of skilled “Viticulteurs” who have an ongoing determination to achieve the highest quality from our vines. La Crotta di Vegneron continues the ancestral tradition of the “compagnards”, drawing its strength from the ancient relationship between indigenous vines and the territory.

The Wines and Grappas of La Crotta di Vegneron powerfully express the spirit of the Aosta Valley mountains through native or traditional vines, skilfully cultivated with pride. The winemaking processes are respectful of a unique territory marked by a multitude of variants.